Nongriat Village — A soothing journey from tyrna village to rainbow waterfall

I visited Nongriat while I was traveling through Assam and Meghalaya. This little village or I would say a Small settlement of few people is lying near India and Bangladesh Border in the Khasi Hills.

First part of trek — To reach Nongriat Village you have to Reach Tyrnna Village through some taxi or your own vehicle then you have to go downhill for about 400 steps there you will find a little shop for some snacks. then the trek have cemented way for a while till you reach a stream. there you will find a wooden bridge to cross the stream. then the trek is just a pathway made out of daily use. just follow it through and after a long 1–2 hour walk you will reach nongriat village. nongriat village have some home stays. there you can rest for the day. they are pretty reasonable at prices. there you will witness Double Decker Living Root Bridge.

Second part of Trek — It involve the trek to Rainbow Falls. Rainbow waterfalls as the name suggests the rainbow could be seen inside a waterfall if you can reach there on time. This trek starts from Root bridges. after a while you will be a natural Swimming Pool. the water is crystal clear there. I had never seen such clear water. I enjoyed swimming for about 2 hours. then reached rainbow waterfalls. It was amazing. There is a little restaurant at the end of trek. I ordered two Maggi there and enjoyed the view of rainbow falls.

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